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Photoluminescent Films




This product is a new kind of self-emitting product. It has great storing - emitting energy by absorbing the natural or artificial light such as sunlight; fluorescent light etc. When exciting for 10 - 30 minutes, it can glow for 8 - 12 hours in the dark. The characteristic of it is nontoxic and free from any radioactive and it has effect of repeatedly absorbing-emitting light. It is suitable for any environment, such as high or low temperature, moist, acidity, basicity and need no outside energy.

This product is widely used in escape indication, fire extinguisher, exit mark, family products (switches, handle, toys, telephone, etc). It is suitable for hotel, building, theater, warehouse, mine etc, and has good effects in indication mark and emergency illumination.
Method of usage

It could be sticked directly with any designs sewed; or show the luminous designs with screen printing on the films; or finish the luminescence with the designs made of non luminous tapes sticked on the films.

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