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Jinan Chenghao Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company building its reputation on the development and supply of new innovative photoluminescent pigments and products.

The Companys philosophy is to provide excellent products glowing in the dark which offer people safety direction when exigency.

With over a decades experience in the field of Luminescent Materials, we offer high quality and technologically advanced products geared to customer requirements.

We also provide Fluorescent Materials for Coding, Brand Authentication and Document Security to prevent forgery of currency, credit cards, passports, other identity documents and valuable items.



Photoluminescent Pigment
Photoluminescent pigments are a new type of long persistence phosphorescent pigment of alkaline earth aluminate activated by rare earth ions. >>>

Photoluminescent paint
After special surface treatment,the photoluminescent pigment can be incorporated into paints as a kind of color additive to produce diverse types of photoluminescent paint. >>>

Photoluminescent Ceramic(enamel) Glaze
The photoluminescent glaze is composed of basic glaze, photoluminescent pigment as well as little additives and can be used directly to produce luminous products after complete blend. >>>

Photoluminescent Signs
This kind of products is based on the alkaline earth aluminate for main content as raw material.This inorganic products after absorbing visible lights for 10-30 minutes, They will glow in the dark at least 12 hours.>>>

Photoluminescent Film
This product is a new kind of self-emitting product. It has great storing - emitting energy by absorbing the natural or artificial light such as sunlight; fluorescent light etc. >>>

Photoluminescent Masterbatch
The photoluminescent masterbatch consists of high-performance photoluminescent pig-ments of large grain size, plus PP resin and different additives. >>>

Photoluminescent Stone
Glow stone is a synthetic aggregate, based on Photoluminescent pigment and synthetic resin.>>

UV Fluorescent Pigments
We offer a range of UV Fluorescent Pigments for security, identification, coding and anti-counterfeiting applications.>>>



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What is the meaning of Luminescence
What is the meaning of Fluorescence
What is the meaning of Phosphorescence
What is the meaning of Brightness
What is the meaning of Luminous Intensity
What is the meaning of Luminous Flux
What is the meaning of Light Output
What is the meaning of Radiance

General remarks

The Interdependence of Phosphorescence and Temperature
Which factors affecting brightness are known
Which chemical and physical factors affecting the light fastness are known

Light fastness depends on the total system, not on the pigment or dye alone!

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