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Photoluminescent Pigments





Our Photoluminescent pigments are a new type of long persistence phosphorescent pigment of alkaline earth aluminate activated by rare earth ions. The main characteristic of this material is the particular structure of its crystal with the strong capacity of absorbing-storing-emitting light. After absorbing varieties of visible lights (suitable for common light in room), it can glow for more than twelve hours in the dark. The brightness and length of persistence time are more tens times than those of the conventional phosphor of zinc sulfide. The material itself has nontoxic and harmless and free from any radioactive additives. It has good stability and weatherability. Excitation and emission can be repeated indefinitely.


The new type of pigment is used for many very different technical and artistic purposes due to its characteristics. It can be used in manufacturing paint; ink; plastic; rubber and films etc. It is completely safe for the application in consumer products such as clothing; shoes; caps; toys; stationery goods; watch; switch; novelties; fishing tools and sporting goods. It has good effects in the fields of building; decoration; traffic vehicle; military installations; fire emergency system. It is especially suitable for the production of long afterglow safety products such as warning; mandatory and escape-route signs.

  Brief Introduction of Our Products  
Item No. Night Glow Color

Luminance After
1 Min (mcd/m2)

Luminance After
10 Min (mcd/m2)

Luminance After
60 Min (mcd/m2)

Average Partilce size

PLG-600 Yellow-Green 4000 650 90 80~100
PLG-601 Yellow-Green 3800 550 85 55~65
PLG-502 Yellow-Green 2300 340 47 20~30
PLG-401 Yellow-Green 3500 550 80 55~65
PLG-402 Yellow-Green 1700 250 34 20~30
PLG-403 Yellow-Green 1000 150 18 10~20
PLG-201 Yellow-Green 2200 280 42 55~65
PLG-202 Yellow-Green 1550 180 23 20~30
PLB-301 Blue-Green 1800 350 55 55~65
PLB-201 Blue-Green 1000 250 45 55~65
PLB-202 Blue-Green 1118 220 30 20~30
PLS-201 Sky-Blue 650 150 28 55~65
PLV-201 Violet 41 10 2 55~65
PLW-101 White 520 66 8 10~20
ZSG-101 Yellow-Green ZnS 300 20 2 20~30

1)The above technical data was obtained through test in accordance with DIN67510 Part I method.
2)The after-glow time refers the time it takes for the luminance to reduce to 0.32mcd/m2 from the
   time when the light exciting source was moved.
3)Other larger or finer particle sizes are also available as to customer's actual application need.
4)All types can be coated for waterbased application.
5)ZSG Series are ZnS pigment.


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