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Photoluminescent Paint





After special surface treatment,the photoluminescent pigment can be incorporated into paints as a kind of color additive to produce diverse types of photoluminescent paint,with the advantage of prompt and convenient application.For example: water-based paint ,sand-textured paint, road marking paints,floor paint and metal paint.



Photoluminescent water-based acrylic paint

Photoluminescent water-based acrylic paint is a novel environmentally friendly paint developed by our company. Adopting water as the medium, with the advantages of non-toxicity, hard-flammability, good adhesion, good weather-resistance, outstanding luminous effect, it can be used on the surface of such materials as cement, wood, metal and plastic etc.


1. This water-based PL paint is suitable for using as indoor or outdoor signs paint, not suitable for
2. The paint should be evenly stirred before using, you can dilute it with clean water if it is too sticky.
    Please do not add any other materials into the paint to avoid transforming the paint's chemical
3. Brushing/ spraying one layer of white paint as the primer before brush the photoluminescent paint
    can ensure good adhesion between the two layers and strengthen the luminous effect.
4. The thickness of the luminous layer should be more than 150um to get better effect.

Photoluminescent acrylic road marking paint

This kind of photoluminescent paint is mainly applied to road marking,parking lot and the indication line of subway etc.for its good adhesion and excellent grind resistance.


Photoluminescent acrylic metal paint

It is mainly applied to the surface of machine tools,machinery equipments,auto,construction machinerys by means of spraying or brushing.For better luminous effect,one layer of white or light-colored paint is suggested as the premier paint.


Photoluminescent epoxy floor paint

Photoluminescent epoxy floor paint is solvent-free, environmentally-friendly product made up of two parts, 100% solidified.
Part A is luminous material, part B is solidified material. Before using, part A should be stirred evenly, then exactly weight Part A and Part B and mix them together according to certain ratio. The best way to use the mixture is to shave, or you can brush. It is suggested that white paint with good adhesion be used as premier paint in order to improve luminous effect. The residual of Part A and Part B should be sealed separately and be kept from inter-contamination.The appliances of the two parts should be separately used and deposited. The activated time of the mixture of the two parts is more than 2 hours. To avoid loss caused by solidifying, it should be used up as soon as possible. The surface dry is more than 4 hours, while whole dry takes over 24 hours. The suggested quantity is 800-1000g/Sq.m when the paint layer thickness is around 80 micron.


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